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Benevolent Care

What is benevolent care? 

McKendree Village Foundation defines benevolent care as the difference between what a resident is able to pay and the cost of care provided by McKendree Village.






Who is eligible?

All residents whose contracts with McKendree Village began prior to September 30, 2011.  All applicants must have lived at McKendree Village for 10 consecutive years or more , prior to application for benevolent care.

Who is not eligible?

Residents who have depleted their assets in order to qualify for assistance, including those who have transferred assets to family or others. Residents whose contracts with McKendree Village were signed after September 30, 2011

How is benevolent care funded?

  1. The  Fund for Benevolent Care. Through donations in memory of friends or family members or gifts in honor of friends or family members.
  2. The Bell Trees of Christmas. Each Christmas, the Christmas trees at McKendree Village are beautifully decorated with ornaments made possible through gifts to the Golden Cross Fund for benevolent care.
  3. The Endowment Fund. Gifts permanently invested in the endowment, create a principal base that generates interest income. The interest alone is used annually to fund benevolent care.
  4. Benevolent care is offered as long as funds are available.

McKendree Village relies solely on the generosity of donors to make benevolent care possible.

For additional information about supporting benevolent care, please contact us.